Colour, texture and movement

Exceptionally showy clumping grass with striking purple foliage

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Pennisetum Purple Fountain Grass

full sun
part shade
height 1.5m
spread 1.3m

This exceptionally showy clumping grass will make an eye catching addition to any garden. Pennisetum Purple Fountain Grass is a popular perennial grass renowned for its burgundy coloured foliage. The long, narrow, arching leaves grow quickly to form a weeping clump of striking burgundy/purple foliage. The feathery plumes are also a key feature - sitting above the main body of the foliage. The effect of the these moving in the wind is soft and beautiful. This is the ideal plant for gardeners that wish to add some colour, texture and movement to their landscape.

This variety will tolerate a range of climatic conditions including high winds, humidity and heat, making it a versatile all round landscape performer. Purple Fountain performs well in high humidity and heat. It is dry tolerant once established.

Prefers to be planted in a full sun position in a well drained soil. Purple Fountain Grass is dry tolerant once established, and requires only a long deep soaking during extended periods of drought. Feed in spring with a slow release fertiliser for best results. If the plant becomes untidy at any stage, at the end of winter prune back to the base, where new growth will shoot from the ground at the beginning of spring. This is recommended every few years at least for optimum performance.

  • Creating a dramatic and eye catching display
  • Mass planting for maximum effect
  • Adding structure to a perennial or mixed garden bed
  • Containers
  • Public landscapes such as roadsides, car parks and median strips
  • Coastal plantings and other difficult to grow locations

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