Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I purchase a plant direct from PMA?

Our varieties are stocked in leading garden centres all around the country. Please contact your local garden centre to purchase a plant.

2. How can I find out where to purchase a certain plant?

Every PMA plant variety has a national network of licensed growers who supply our many retail outlets. Simply click on the 'locate plant' icon on the relevant plant information page, enter your state and you will find the supplier in your area. They will be more than happy to advise of a retailer near you who currently has the plant in stock.

3. I'm having trouble with a plant I purchased, can you help me?

We always recommend reading the information on the label and chatting with your local garden centre staff before making a purchase. A good garden centre will have well trained staff with valuable local knowledge, therefore we suggest raising any issues you may be experiencing with regard to growing one of our plants with them. Nothing can beat local knowledge for great advice.

4. Can I purchase plants online?

At present, PMA varieties are available through all good garden centres around Australia. Online sales are not currently available.

5. I'd like some more information on a particular plant, what should I do?

Each PMA variety is detailed on our website. Information includes key features, suggested uses, care and water requirements as well as inspiring imagery. There is also a fact sheet you can download. You may find it helpful to print this out and take it with you into your local garden centre.

6. I think I have found or bred a new plant variety. What should I do?

A good starting place is to read the information for breeders located on our website

7. I'm new to gardening and would like to know what to plant in my garden. Where should I start?

A good starting point is our website. Every month we focus on a plant that is looking 'Hot this month', this means it's looking great right now and widely available nationally in all good garden centres. Our 'plants' page features a wide selection of varieties, sorted into different categories including bestsellers, new releases and plants that are looking their best this month. You can search our entire catalogue or just plants that are available in your state. When you find something you like, it's worth reading up on the characteristics and care instructions. Simply click through to the relevant plant information page. Your local garden centre is also a great information source. Nothing can beat local knowledge for great advice.

8. What should I consider when planning my garden?

Think about exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. Is it a low maintenance garden? A formal look? Kid friendly? Do you have neighbours to screen? Do you need to create more shade? Once you have a 'brief' it's much easier for the professionals to help you. Many garden centres also offer garden consultations where they can come to you and offer advice. Use the PMA website for information and inspiration. You can do your own research, right here. Feel free to print out our fact sheets and take them with you into garden centres.

9. I notice there are a lot of plant 'collections'. What are these?

PMA offers a number of plant collections. These are usually plants of the same genus (group), or plants that offer similar characteristics. Plants grouped into a collection look particularly great when planted together as they compliment each other and make a huge statement in the garden. For example the Dianthus 'Scent First' Collection is a beautiful collection of dianthus. There is something in the collection in just about every colour. Plant out an entire garden bed with them and you'll be 'wowed' when they are in full flower! Sometimes collections are grouped according to different uses. For example the 'Fantasy Flowers' Collection includes dwarf varieties of Tibouchina's perfect for small pots and containers through to taller varieties suitable for screening.

10. What's behind a PMA plant?

Be rest assured that all PMA plant varieties are placed onto the market after extensive trials in a wide range of locations and climatic conditions. We only select the best performing plants. Many people don't realize that behind every plant is a dedicated plant breeder who has probably worked for years on 'fine tuning' the characteristics of that plant. These stories are often fascinating and we have shared some of them on our website. A great example is the history of the award-winning Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance'

11. What is PBR?

In Australia new plants are protected by a scheme called PBR (Plant Breeder's Rights). There are similar schemes operating in most other countries. PBR works much like a copyright on a book, recognizing plants as new inventions. It allows the plant breeder to earn a royalty from each plant sold. You can tell a variety is protected by PBR as the PBR symbol PBR logo will be displayed on the label. A good source of further information regarding PBR is IP Australia's website.

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